The Process

We are a fair and transparent photo agency. Our goal is to assist sustainable businesses in finding the most suitable photographer for their needs, as well as enabling photo job opportunities for fair photographers all over the world.

Our unique service is completely free from monthly or annual fees as we only get commission. So we get paid when the photographer does! And we believe that with our 16% commission, we may have the lowest finding fees on the market.
Our common goal is to enhance sustainable and ethical products, including: organic, fair trade, ones that reduce meat and dairy consumption, ones that are based on a circular economy, and ones that believe in the ethical treatment of animals. We want these types of product to rise and dominate the supply for consumers all around the world.



A sustainable company submits a project on the site to be seen by all fair photographers. The project is described in a specific manner to let a photographer know whether they are right for the project. (We do not want photographers to spend time on a project that is not applicable to them).

Illustration of a clipboard
Illustration of photographers surrounding a globe



All photographers that feel that they would be right for the job will submit a pitch (a proposal) consisting of: example photographs, their set price, specific resources and special superpowers. The photographer can either submit photographs from an existing portfolio, or create something completely new that is specific to the project (the latter would probably increase their chances in securing the client).



All of the proposals will be presented to the client.

Illustration of polaroid photographs
Illustration of company woman thinking about a picture



The client will choose the photographer that they feel is the most suitable for their project. During which time time the photographer will be notified. Well done! Please note that in order for the client to be able to choose a photographer, a deposit of 20% based on the quote will be claimed from the client. This is a safety measure from our side.



The client and the photographer will get their own project room! Consider this your very own cyber office, set up for only the two of you to work as a productive and inspirational team.

Illustration of a project room
Illustration of a photographer



The photographer will begin the production of the images according to plan. In some cases, these may be be the very same images that the client was presented with in the proposal process.



The finished photographs will be delivered through our own delivery service, along with a request to the client to pay the remaining 80%. This payment is based on “flexonomy” values, meaning that the client can adjust the final price +/- 20% (based on the original set price), depending on how satisfied they are with the end product. This will also reflect the rating that the client gives to the photographer. The final price will be easily shown through an adjustment scale where it is adjusted accordingly to the rating. We believe that if the photographer is not delivering what has been agreed upon, this should be reflected in the price. On the other hand, if the photographer is doing an amazing job, we will encourage the client to give a higher rating and hence pay a little bit more than the original set price. (If you wonder whether this method really works - it does!) Also, it would be hard for a client to reach out to the same photographer again unless he or she pays the correct price subject to their experience value.

Illustration of company man using a computer
Illustration of company woman choosing pictures



Once we have received full payment from the client the system will automatically pay the photographer. And since we are a fair photo agency we will only keep a really low fee of 16%. Please note that this is our only income and we will use it wisely in favour of all sustainable businesses and fair photographers out there!