Our Mission

Fair Photo Agency would not exist if we did not have a core mission of great importance to work towards. We have the need to bombard ourselves with meaningful job duties on a daily basis. Money doesn’t motivate us, as it may perhaps do many businesses where growth and profit maximization are a constant high priority.

We believe that if the world was to go under, money would not be able to save us. How can you negotiate with money in your hands if you are negotiating with mother nature? She does not care about such trivial matters. She cares about organic production, the well being of animals and the preservation of biodiversity. She cares about empathic behaviour and mutual respect between people. She cares about the cooperation and coexistence between humans, animals and nature. She cares about the respectful use of her resources - that is, everything that nature has to offer.

We need to look at ourselves as different components in an enormous eco system rather than separated individuals seeking our own power and greatness.

We founded this agency because we felt an urge to do an important job in favour to mother nature and her inhabitants. We felt the urge to have a meaningful role in the necessary paradigm shift that we are facing ahead. And we felt the urge to connect with and promote others that feel the same.

Our mission is to embrace and highlight companies that do good, i.e. the ones that also have a role in the paradigm shift towards a sustainable future. And so we will continuously show support for values that promote a sustainable consumption, and we are looking forward to working with various companies and organisations that also hold these same values.

These are our values and core:

  1. Organic production. Considering the soil and water pollution that comes with conventional mass production, organic methods are of high importance. Organic production is also holding back on climate change since chemical fertilisers and pesticides are derivatives of fossil fuels. Please note that we don’t support meat and dairy products, not even if they are organic.
  2. Fair trade practices.In dealing with mother nature we should also take our own relationships into consideration. The mass production in many factories around the world are under extremely poor conditions. This is due to an urge to shop cheap and often. We are big supporters of the slow fashion movement.
  3. Ethical treatment of animals. We love the initiatives from various companies and organisations that stress the importance of not conducting animal testing - we couldn’t agree more with them. Companies that are respectful to animals should be getting a medal in ethics.
  4. Reused, Recycled, and Upcycled materials. We believe in a circular economy where materials are used over and over again. It is of utter importance that we keep the exploitation of natural resources at as low levels as possible.
  5. Reduction of meat and dairy products. believe that the meat consumption is excessive and not only do we need to create a more ethical standpoint in how we treat big masses of animals, we also need to consider the great amounts of natural resources that they require in the mass production of meat and dairy.