Please find our most frequently asked questions below. If you cannot find what you are looking for, or if you have any other concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at: hello@fairphotoagency.com. We are happy to help and aim toget back to you within 48 hrs. Also, please note that you will find more FAQ’s when you are logged in.

If you have any suggestions to improve this platform, we would love to hear your ideas! We are continuously working on enhancing your experience and creating a tool that will assist you in following our unified vision of a more sustainable world. Our work has just begun!

What does “Fairness” mean?

We use this expression to emphasise the importance of being fair in business. Fair to the planet and all of its inhabitants. We do not believe in exploiting others for money, or exhausting the earth’s natural resources in favour of our own wellbeing. We believe that there will be a good deal of sustainable practices in the future, especially as consumers become more and more conscious of their purchases.

In what way are you fair?

We have raised our hands on some values that we believe are creating a more sustainable consumption. According to Global Footprint Network, humanity at the moment requires 1.6 planets in order to meet the demand that we have for various products and services (2016). This of course, is not a sustainable way of living. We don’t think nor do we believe that people should stop consumption all together, but if we begin consuming sustainable products and services, as conscious consumers we will have a good chance to lower our global ecological footprint. The areas that we support are organic production, circular use of materials, the ethical treatment of animals, fair trade practices and vegan alternatives. We believe that these areas are fair and should be better highlighted in today’s consumer society. Thus, we want to promote businesses that fit within these areas.

What is your vision?

Our vision is to make a great impact on the overall consumption behaviour world wide, so that people begin consuming sustainable products and services as opposed to the readily available non-sustainable options. For example, if you buy an organic toothpaste that is not animal tested, it means that you will buy one less non-organic and animal tested toothpaste. We aim to contribute to this shift in consumption with the help of photographers. At the same time we want to decrease the demand on our planet’s resources and hopefully use less than what one single planet can manage.

How much does the service cost?

There are no monthly or yearly membership service plans, you only pay when the service is doing its job. We keep a 16% fee from the transaction where the client chooses their photographer. The rest belongs to the photographer. In other words, our fee is a type of finding-fee which is based on the photographer’s set price. This means that all the photographers who connect with us will receive 84% of the payment. This is a highly competitive rate compared to other agencies and even more so compared to the cost of finding the client yourself.

Where are you located?

Our head office is based in the beautiful deep beech forests of Ullared, located outside of Varberg, Sweden (it is a very picturesque forest, similar to that of Robin Hood). But we work with clients and photographers all over the world.

What kind of photographers can sign up with you? Are there any restrictions on country of origin, experience, age, etc?

We need a VAT number/Corporation Tax Reference Number or a Corporate Identification Number in order to be able to transfer any payments to you. Photographers can either use their own company's information or go via an invoice service company as a freelancer. Get more information at www.efip.org (European users). You can always complete with this information at a later stage. Hence, you won't need that to register and start pitching. Moreover, we don’t have any restrictions on your geographical location or your experience. You don’t have to be a highly experienced professional photographer with your own studio. It is important however, that you are a talented photographer so that you are able to secure projects. We do not have any part in the client’s decision process, it is up to each client to decide which photographer is best suited for their project.

What happens if the client’s sustainable values are not listed in your mission?

If you are a sustainable company or organisation that is doing good in other areas other than the ones we have stated in our values, you are also welcome to use our service. If we suspect that you are misusing natural resources, animals or humans and that your business runs in an unsustainable or in an irresponsible manner, we are entitled to cut you off from the service, even if you have already submitted a project. We will let you know and are open to any appeals that you might have. Because of this, it is important that you respect our values and our vision of creating more sustainable and responsible consumption.

How do the images get delivered to the client?

Neither the photographer nor the client need to worry about the delivery. We use our own delivery system in which the photographer uploads the images, and the client can then easily download them.

Is there a license on the photographs? Can the clients use them in any way they like?

All images come with an exclusive client license accordingly to our Terms & Conditions. This means that the client is rightfully the sole owner of the images and can use them in any media and with any frequency that they like. Hence, the photographer cannot sell licenses to others for the use of the same images. The photographer is, and always will be the originator, which is not something that anyone can take away from them. The photographer is the one who pushes the shutter button on the camera, no matter if someone else did all the prop work or other creative efforts.

Can the agency use the images and if so, in what way?

Since all images come with an exclusive license, all clients will be asked to approve the image use. We encourage all clients to approve this matter so that the images will be used and showcased frequently. If approved, we would be happy to showcase the images across our social media platforms, our agency website and in other marketing. The photographer can use the photographies for his or her own marketing, production, portfolio or photo exhibition that takes place within the photographer's operation.

I need images of my products, how do I get the products to the photographer that I have chosen?

There are several ways in which you can approach this matter, which can be discussed in the assorted project room. You could for example either: - arrange for a package with the products to be sent to the photographer by mail. - the photographer could buy them at a local store (if applicable). In this case, the client should raise the final payment accordingly. - the photographer could use similar products and place your logo and other relevant material on the image with retouch work. - the photographer could get digital dummies of the products to place them with the images in a natural way.