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We want to empower sustainable practises worldwide with the power of photography

Launched 2018! A professionally curated image bank that shows life in the Global South in a positive way

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We are an online agency connecting responsible companies that practice sustainability with international photographers. Our ambition is to aid sustainable companies to obtain bigger market shares through impactful imagery. If your products or services are in line with our mission, we can provide you with proposals from various suitable photographers for your project. If you are a fair photographer that wants to make a change in the world and receive meaningful job opportunities - then you have found the right place.

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Fair Photo Agency Int. AB
It's great for me and other creatives to know that companies like this exist. It can be very hard to go into the industry and keep all your values at the same time.
This sounds like a great platform!
Santa Monica
People/mainstream people won't buy anything just because it's fair... but luckily more and more brands get the importance of great pictures and design - and for sure Fair Photo Agency can help!
Wiebke Kaiser,
It always makes me sad when I see what could be a great product, but the poor quality photo or overall aesthetic completely distracts and takes away from it.
Verena Erin, My Green Closet
This is a great way to move capital around within the conscious community. Everybody on the same mission!
Elizabeth Stilwell
New York
There are still too many brands that don't have the budget (or think they don't have the budget) for photographers, designers, a straight concept. But in the end, it's as important as the product itself.
Wiebke Kaiser,
There is stereotype surrounding ethical brands that they're unstylish, frumpy and a bit ‘hippy'. If they are going to convince shoppers away from the mainstream, they need to match the aesthetic they are used to/want.
Jen Brownlie
Fair Photo Agency is offering what we have been looking for for a long time - having all collected photographers at one place. Also, that we are able to easily submit a project and then simply handpick the perfect photographer. Easy, quick & appreciated!
Lisa Stevens
Klinta & Co

Completed Projects

Linda Grönlund
DZ Wellness
Linda Grönlund
Herrljunga Cider
Linda Grönlund
Herrljunga Cider
Linda Grönlund
Mr Bear Family
Linda Grönlund
Mr Bear Family
Linda Grönlund
Raven and Lily

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